Developers around the world are on the look out for a holistic weather data solution, realizing that traditional weather forecasts are dependent on the government and the priorities they want to invest in. ClimaCell's weather data API strives to be the single go-to place to all weather-related applications, by offering a wide variety of data layers and tailored solutions.

Government entities have been the main weather data providers for decades, that monopoly over data limits visibility and accuracy, even more-so in developing countries, due to costly infrastructure and hardware. Fortunately, Big Data-driven, AI-modelled solutions such as those developed by ClimaCell are removing the costly guesswork out of forecasting. Technological advances are making it possible to harness our entire connected world to produce hyper-accurate forecasts.

Our mission is to transform big weather data into practical information that people around the world can use to stay safe in a volatile climate, and our data API is the means for accomplishing that mission. 

The API was built for developers, by developers. It is used by the ClimaCell teams in all of products, like HyperCast, WAI, and our consumer app. With developers around the world, we will change the weather forecasting landscape. Create an account to begin working with ClimaCell's revolutionary data layers.

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